Montauk Surfcasters Alliance

A Non Profit 501(C)(3) Organization for the protection, replenishment, and rebuilding of Fisheries, Fisheries Habitats and Shorelines in the United States.

Our organization advocates elected officials for the equitable use of coastal fisheries, habitats and the coastal shorelines effected through development, abusive evasion and the intrusive devices upon them.

We perform the following:

  • We collaborate on a National, State, County and Local level with other organizations to protect and manage our valued coastlines and effected fisheries and their habitats.
  • Monitor Federal, State, County and local candidates for office and advocates for an equitable management and sustainability between environmental and economic needs.
  • Sponsor educational and restoration projects for the improvement of fisheries, fisheries habitats and coastlines.

Activities Include:

  • Educational seminars
  • Educational events
  • Fisheries Management
  • Fisheries Habitat replenishment project
  • Coastal stabilization and monitoring programs

Stand up for and equitable use of our Fisheries, their Habitats and surrounding Coastlines before we don’t have one to protect!

Ways to give:
Corporate and individuals are an integral and Essential part of the successful part of the advocacy work of the Alliance, our programs and the future of our mission forward.

Join as a valued stakeholder

Donations are a tax deductible gift to needed programs coast wide to protect our valuable Fisheries, Fisheries Habitats and Coastlines that are under attack !